Atlantic Group Limited (AGL) invests in the development of strong management teams within the marketing communications, media and technology sectors. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, our companies service more than 200 clients in over 16 countries.

Liquid Technology provides strategy and nearshore engineering solutions to help clients adapt to changing market needs and close their IT resourcing gaps while reducing Opex on average by over 40%.
Marketing & Communications
Atlantic Group Advertising, Marketing and Analytics (AGAMA) is a full-service agency group that provides clients with a seamless experience to define, design and deliver data-driven and innovative marketing and communications strategies. Our agencies cover all elements of marketing communications.
Perekhid Media is a top 10 leading Ukrainian operator of out-of-home (OOH), radio and internet advertising with all-Ukrainian coverage. Perekhid operates a network of over 2000 out-of-home sites across Ukraine while also acting as the leading independent buyer and seller of commercial radio in Ukraine working with national, regional and local broadcasters.
Atlantic Ventures invests and incubates start-ups and businesses that generate profits whilst simultaneously impacting the world to leave it in a better place. We develop and incentivize leadership with our in-house university to seek new entrepreneurial projects – both to exploit opportunities in the ever changing MarTech sector as well as to enhance initiative, innovation and success across our companies.

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